Field deployment of biomineral technologies for treatment and repair of concrete nuclear infrastructure

Nuclear sites comprise huge volumes of concrete assets, which are exposed to differing environmental conditions resulting in variable mechanisms for, and rates of, concrete degradation. For example, external concrete building facades may be exposed to freeze-thaw and high salinity, whereas some internal concrete structures may be exposed to high temperatures and high levels of radiation. This project will develop novel field deployment techniques for biomineral technologies, being developed at Strathclyde, that are designed for repair and treatment of concrete nuclear infrastructure. Field-based treatment of concrete is a significant challenge. Damage can extend several cms into the concrete and surfaces include overhangs and vertical walls. Specifically, the project will explore the feasibility of applying these techniques to dock sides and caissons, where saltwater ingress has led to concrete damage 50-70mm into the structures. The project will include development of a monitoring system for assessment of the structural repair.

Academic Lead: Rebecca Lunn
Researcher: Thanos Karampourniotis
Location: University of Strathclyde