National Importance

The UK government is committed to nuclear energy having an important role in delivering a secure, low-carbon and affordable energy future.

Projections indicate that between now and 2035, 14 GW of new nuclear generating capacity may be built.

Successful delivery of this strategy recognises the need for research and development, skills development and international collaboration as key enablers. One key area is the decommissioning and clean-up of all civil nuclear licensed sites and the implementation of geological disposal of highly active wastes.

Essential to public acceptance of this strategy remains a demonstrable ability to safely manage and dispose of waste, with acceptance directly linked to having scientifically robust routes for its safe clean-up and disposal.

The needs of the new nuclear power generation and legacy wastes areas are similar in that they both require the development of innovative approaches to waste management and decommissioning. The work of the consortium is part of the response to these needs.

The consortium will:

  • Contribute to the health of the nuclear fission research area
  • Develop affordable and effective next generation technologies for the treatment of nuclear waste
  • Maintain the UK position as a world leader in decommissioning and waste management research